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Pressefoto BONDI (DJ-Set)

BONDI is an electronic live & dj-act from Berlin. The musical character is defined by danceable deep house beats, mixed with indie elements, a variety of synth sounds and other instruments. Driven beats and electronic elements let you easily drift away in a hypnotic state and end up in a pleasing physical experience – you just need to dance.
With an extraordinary voice and slightly melancholic lyrics, supported by guitar soundscapes and driving synth-sound melodies, their pieces remind us a little of the 80ies Dark Wave paired with melodic house – it’s such a magic we know from young romance on a holiday.
There haven’t been much places wehre BONDI didn’t perform in the last two years. From amazing shows in Ibiza (Storytellers / Heart) over Switzerland (Naturklang), Germany (Docklands Festival, Kater Blau, Ritter Butzke), Turkey (Get Closer), Russia (Community
Moscow), India (Goa, Hyderabad), all the far way to Brazil (Warung / Ame Club) or Australia (ChiWowWahTown). In 2020 the former exclusive live act is now focussing on more club oriented DJ shows,
always with a twist to show some true BONDI vibes.