Johannes Albert

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Pressefoto Johannes Albert

Up until recently Johannes Albert spent his weekends travelling through the German countryside. At his side will always be a bag of records guaranteed to make the club that is his destination go off that that night. Increasingly he finds himself in the air over Europe, Asia and beyond as word of his DJ reputation spreads.

Raised in Wuerzburg in beautiful Franconia, a young Johannes soon became enchanted with the house sound of the time and has followed it deep into techno, acid, afro, EBM, boogie, italo and beyond ever since. He naturally had the essential DJ quality of being a likeable chap and many of his local heroes gave him a head start by sharing their DJ secrets with him. Knowing when to drop a hit and when to take it deep, spacey and underground saw him graduate from his hometown clubs and quickly establish himself as a staple of the German scene. This ability to connect with crowds and his heroes alike means a host of heavyweights have his back, with loyal support from the likes of Move D, who has been a big fan of his main label Frank Music since its inception in 2011.

Frank Music was started mainly as a platform for Johannes Albert productions and is home to much of his best work. Highlights have been his own debut album Hotel Novalis, which reached number two in the Groove Magazine charts and tracks like All Things Mind Altering, which became a bit of an anthem in 2016. Fred P, Moomin, Smallpeople and Lauer have also contributed to the label.
2020 sees Frank Music release Moon II, a collaborative album between Albert and Iron Curtis. The Berlin based pair have been playing together for some time and their second LP showcases some of the darker material the pair are capable of. This may come as a surprise to the thousands of people who know Albert from summery, uplifting online mixes such as his set for Feel My Bicep or from Gottwood Festival B2B with Move D. On the side he has an edits label Hip Edits and when he has time produces acid and techno as HNS-X.

Since moving to Berlin 10 years ago, Johannes has found kindred spirits with the crew of residents from the notorious party hotspot Renate. Now an official resident not just in Berlin but with the club’s growing list of international parties, he finds himself moving floors globally. With the anything goes, super fun approach to their parties, this is a perfect home base for him to explore his multiple influences. With this in mind you can be sure he is packing a box of fully road- tested tricks for his next club adventure.