Mike Book

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Pressefoto Mike Book

Mike is the founder of the record label Criminal Bassline and Resident DJ at Bordel Des
Arts, which is one of the most famous underground electronic music events in Berlin. His first
release came out in March 2017 on Bar 25 Music as part of the Bordel Des Arts Compilation
where Mike also delivered the featured mix.
He regularly plays in the techno club-scene of Berlin (e.g. Watergate, Kater Blau, Sisyphos,
Salon zur wilden Renate etc.) and gigs across Germany and Europe, South America, USA &

He started to DJ Hip-Hop/Soul vinyls in the age of 15, wrote rap lyrics and slowly started
producing beats. Then for many private reasons he got stuck and sold all his gear…
After a long time in California/USA, he re-started to DJ in 2011 and invented a House-Music
party in south Germany. 2012 he moved to Berlin to dig deeper into the electronic music
scene. Besides DJing he also worked as a music editor for a Berlin based music-magazine
and started his own music platform „criminalbassline.com“;, at the end of 2013.
Mike Book is known for his bassline focused, deep & attitude or soul injected DJ-Sets. His
musical range goes from Deep-,Tech-House to deep underground Techno.

For Mike it´s all about basslines!