Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga is a celebration;
Of this body, Of this Life.

The intention behind Naked Yoga is to remove masks both literally & figuratively, to radically look at our truth in both body & heart. To see what comes up when we push our edge of vulnerability & dance along it with courage. To come together & be held in this safe space of exploration while we uncover & stand in our own unique power.
Tapping in to a deeper sense of Self-discovery, Knowing, Acceptance, & Love.

Together, we NORMALIZE the human body,
Together we step away from the shame, judgement, and critique that too often floods our lives.

This space is safe and supportive for people of all ages, shapes, colors, abilities, and backgrounds welcome to participate. This is an intermediate level Vinyasa class with modifications suitable for everyone.

EveryBody is BEAUTIFUL.