Ritual Moon

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A monthly reminder of the feminine power to create, release, and embody the mystical cycles of life, in this 90 min workshop, we will connect to our relationships to menstruation and learn ways to make it a time of empowerment, inspiration, and magic.
Do you celebrate getting your period or do you dread it?
What physical symptoms or sensations arise with the coming of your moon? And what do you do with your blood after its release?
Ritual.Moon. will incorporate an interactive round of personal sharing, followed by a sharing of historical practices and traditions of women and menstruation around the world. You will learn how hormonal birth control affects the cycle, and ways
that you can track your natural cycle to build a deeper connection to the rhythm of your body.
Lastly, you will learn new ways you can ritualize your period; Whether feeding your plants a nutritious meal or supporting your deepest prayers for our planet, your menstruation can be a great tool to empower the divine within you and connect you to your highest power to create and support life. This workshop is open to all, menstruators and non-menstruators. Actively menstruating bodies, menopausal bodies, male bodies, and everyone in-between are all welcome to this space. Although the content of this workshop is connected to menstruating bodies, we welcome all to witness this space, and we will also have space for non-menstruators
to share your relationship to menstruation.