Christopher Lawrenz

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Pressefoto Christopher Lawrenz

Christopher Lawrenz is definitely one of the fundamental figures of the up-to-date electronic music movement. Grown up in the north of Germany near Hamburg, the clubbing scene enchained him at the age of 15, when he started playing in small bars and clubs, marking histurntable ascension from the age whereup most of the youngsters are still playing football in the courtyard. also playing violin and piano gives him the right musical basics for his career. moving first to hamburg and joining the ego club as a resident ensured him constant gigs and laid him at the deck with Solomon, Tobi Neumann, Carl Craig, Andre Galluzzi, Onur Özer, Anja Schneider, Pan-Pot, Mike Shannon, Dewalta…..and the list could be go on and on. 2011 he finally moved to Berlin where he found his new base for his career. After playing a lot in the bests clubs in town like Club Der Visionäre, Watergate, Sisyphos, Arena Club, Wilde Renate he starts launching his own label together with John Clats. Constant gigs also all over the world, forward releases on sleep is commercial and body parts rec. for example, Christopher is becoming one of the beloved Djs – and proved, no doubt, what a compete Dj means and now enjoys all the support and admiration of the electronic music scene lovers.