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Pressefoto umami

Coming from completely different musical backgrounds, Robert as beat producer and composer in electronic projects and Sam as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter in rock- and jazz bands, they work together as umami in trying to merge all their influences into one unique train of thought. Always chasing that mind-altering intensity of a new melody that gives you goosebumps. Every track and every song with an all-in sincerity. And even if their DJ and live sets are very different musically, the ambition to find the perfect balance between the comfortable flow of the known and the tickling allure of the unknown is always the same. Their new album „In Exchange For Everything“ is coming out on trueColors, the label of the Tamer from Bedouin and Timujin, and it marks a new chapter in the artistic journey of the project – more mature and honest than anything they have done before.